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Last Modified: December 13, 2020

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sacroiliac joint pain

Women love and take pride in their growing baby bump, but chances are they’re not as enthusiastic about the increasing aches and pains that accompany it. This discomfort is commonly known as sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, which occurs as hormones fluctuate during pregnancy, producing a hormone called relaxin.

“Hormones are released that allow ligaments to relax and prepare the body for childbirth. When these ligaments that hold the sacrum and pelvis together relax, this causes increased motion, which can result in pain or altered movement,” Margaret Bronson, PT, DPT, lead therapist at Parkview Outpatient Therapy explained. “This pain is usually felt in the low back or hip area, and worsens with stepping up, rolling over in bed or getting out of the car.”

As your baby continues to grow, more and more pressure presses down on your joints. Now, stretches and exercises that used to provide relief may no longer deliver much comfort. Thankfully, this is where sacroiliac or pregnancy belts can help.

Pregnancy belts wrap around the abdomen to help support the lower back, hips, pelvis and abdomen during pregnancy. Many wear it on top of clothing, but some choose to wear them underneath as well. Sacroiliac belts differ from belly bands in that they are narrower and strap-like.

Parkview Health values their Parkview moms and wants to ensure their pregnancy is as comfortable as possible. Thanks to donors of the Parkview Foundation and the Parkview Regional Medical Center Outpatient Therapy team, many women can now find relief as they progress through their pregnancy.

With donors’ generosity to the Parkview Foundation, Parkview Regional Medical Center Outpatient Therapy recently purchased 100 Serola® Sacroiliac Belts. These belts utilized for patients experiencing back pain due to pelvis and postural changes felt during pregnancy.

“PRMC Outpatient Therapy has specially trained physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who specialize in the treatment of prenatal and postnatal pain using manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, postural and ergonomic interventions, and use of support belts when needed,” Margaret said.

She continued by saying that SI joint belts, when paired with regular physical therapy, provide significant relief to women. These belts support the pelvis to allow for normal movement and decrease the pain during activities such as walking.

Parkview Foundation donors have helped supply the Parkview Outpatient Therapy department with belts since 2014. The department provides sacroiliac belts to patients who primarily do not have the means to afford them or those in significant pain following treatment. Thanks to donor generosity, these patients have been able to continue working, caring for their families and progress through their pregnancy with less discomfort.

Additionally, it’s common to have SI joint pain postpartum, allowing yet another opportunity for donors, and the sacroiliac belts, to provide comfort to new mothers following delivery. Many providers often refer their patients to Parkview Outpatient Therapy to treat back pain, abdominal weakness or pelvic floor dysfunction. With the specialty-trained therapists and selfless donors, our patients will be feeling the generosity and support in more ways than one.

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