Meet Our Parkview Moms

Parkview moms tell their stories

Listen to real moms talk about their birthing experience.  

Wondering where to have your baby? Sometimes it helps to listen to other mothers. Here are a few Parkview moms we recently interviewed about their birthing experience. From prenatal classes to infant security to the exceptional care of our nurses and doctors, these moms had plenty to talk about! 


20 Parkview Moms

We chatted with 20 different Parkview moms (and moms-to-be) for this website, and here’s a compilation video of all of them! Listen to what these real moms had to say about their experiences with Parkview. 


Terri & Addison

From her first meeting with a birth planner to the celebration meal to the proud moment when Addison’s name was posted on the Parkview baby billboard, Terri Topp was thrilled to be a new Parkview mom. “They took such good care of us the whole time that we were here,” says Terri. “Just beyond extraordinary care.”


Jana and Crosby

Because she had a C-section with her first baby, Jana Hess wanted to return to the hospital that had given her such great care eight years ago. “I had the utmost trust in (Parkview) that everything would be fine…and it was,” says Jana. She also admires the way Parkview gives back to the community, even supplying car seats to women who can’t afford them. “I think that is amazing.”


Aja and Sawyer

For Aja Michael-Keller, having a birth planner helped to streamline the delivery process. “She walked through every detail that we wanted for the birth,” says Aja, who along with her wife, was able to arrange for an adoption and make it clear there would be no father in the delivery room. “I didn’t have to explain, ‘He has two moms.’ It was in the system and everyone was ready.”


Lucy and Norah

As a first-time mom, Lucy Fisher appreciated all of the free classes offered at Parkview. “You don’t want to tack on another expense when you’re trying to plan for a new baby,” says Lucy. She also loved the nurses who cared for her and little Norah. “They were all just so wonderful. I don’t think I could have asked for better.”


Jill, Collins and Meyer

When Jill Richey found out she was having twins, she knew Parkview Regional Medical Center was the logical choice. “The NICU is amazing,” says Jill. “We couldn’t have asked for any better nurses, any better physicians, any more information than what we got.” Today, her one-time preemies are both rambunctious 8-month-olds who love laughing with their older sister.


Ashley and Terry

Ashley Scott appreciated everything about giving birth at Parkview Hospital Randallia. From the prenatal classes to the nurses and lactation consultant, every aspect was “very, very helpful” for a new mom. Ashley also enjoyed the good food and large rooms. “They were able to accommodate my family and my husband,” she notes. “And they actually had two TVs!”