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Celebrating Nurses Week 2020

Last Modified: May 06, 2020

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This year, National Nurses Week is being expanded into a month-long celebration of these dedicated frontline workers. Judy Boerger, MBA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Executive, Parkview Health, wrote the following letter to the nurses who make the Parkview Health system so strong.


Dear Colleagues,

I hardly know where to begin. I will start first with a huge THANK YOU and Happy Nurses Month!

The unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 virus has given Parkview nurses an opportunity to share our commitment and compassion in the face of one of — if not the most — challenging and potentially life-threatening clinical experiences in our careers. Parkview nurses are a beacon of courage and a continued example of truly pushing through fear and seeing the patient, their humanity and their needs.

I am so proud to see the professionalism, spirit of innovation and the sense of family as I have rounded through the nursing units. We are all learning about?this virus every day. The resilience and flexibility you have shown in the face of adversity is remarkable. Our nurse educators and clinical nurse specialists were quick to develop guidelines and protocols. The nursing leadership team stepped up to manage the ever-changing environment. PPG nurses and staff also stepped up during the surge and were quickly oriented to add additional staffing for the surge. Our physicians, therapists and clinicians have worked shoulder to shoulder with us as well. We could not be successful without the support and dedication of our environmental services, nutrition services, facilities, public safety and SCORe supply chain co-workers. These teams have worked so diligently to provide us with the myriad of supplies needed to care for ourselves and our patients.

Last year, the World Health Organization and American Nurses Association declared 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse. Little did they know what lay ahead of us. In the face of such sorrow and grief, you are there, holding the iPad as families say their last goodbyes and sharing in the joy of when a mother of five goes home. I am bursting with pride. Your perseverance is a testimony to the preservation of the dignity of life for every patient and family we serve, and I am proud to bear witness to all of your efforts.

During this month of recognition, while our formal celebration activities have been suspended, please take a moment to pause and reflect on your accomplishments. I know many of you are feeling that you should do more or do better. We all want to deliver the excellent care that is Parkview’s standard; however, please know that your presence on the frontline is everything.

I remain grateful and proud now, more than ever, to be a Parkview nurse! In the Spirit of Nightingale,

Judy Boerger



Video participants

We want to thank the following nurses for taking the time to participate in Zoom interviews with us and share their thoughts around providing care during this unique season. You can see more interview footage in the coming days by following Parkview Health on Instagram.

Parkview Regional Medical Center
Alexis Moyer
Tanya Bluhm
Heather Hontz

Parkview Hospital Randallia
Erica Briggs
Matt Lane
Carolyn Rogers
Keith Enterline
Sara Field
Tracey Alderman

Parkview Noble Hospital
Carrie Baker
Allyson Aldrich
Ashley Stevens
Kathy Barker
Kate Miller
Ronda VanWagner
Chelsea Handshoe
Rachel Wagner
Elizabeth Draper
Emma Alhersmeyer
Kim Yoder
Holly Nicodemus
Allyson Lepley

Parkview Huntington Hospital
Ann Etter
Conni Harris Shoemaker
Heather Cearbaugh
Adam Colclesser
Sherry Baker
Leslie Buzzard

Parkview LaGrange Hospital
Melissa Raber
Naomi Adamski

Parkview Whitley Hospital
Carol Nesbitt

Parkview Warsaw Hospital
Caitlin Steffe

Parkview DeKalb Hospital
Preston Jennings
Laura Bowman

Parkview Wabash Hospital
Darcie Bever


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