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Celebrating National Hospital Week 2024

Last Modified: May 13, 2024

People of Parkview, Community


At Parkview, we recognize that healthier individuals make happier communities. We understand that reaching so many requires expanding our footprint of services and facilities, partnering with the right organizations to make a difference and being the boots on the ground to walk beside the populations most in need.

The Parkview family is a 16 thousand-strong workforce of caregivers, technicians and support team members, all sharing one mission. To provide our neighbors, friends and family the best possible outcomes.

You can feel the healing energy when you enter a Parkview building. With 12 hospitals throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, we are focused on providing hope and a personalized experience to the people who call the areas we serve home.

During National Hospital Week, we celebrate the healthcare workers who put the patient first. Who go beyond what’s asked or expected. Who make it personal.

As a system, we strive to be exceptional.

We bleed green.

We care for every person, every day.

We are committed.

We are compassionate.

We are healthcare.

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