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Addressing the myths: Weight management tips with Dr. Ryan Singerman (Myth No. 7)

Last Modified: May 16, 2023

Family Medicine, Sports & Exercise

Each month, Google reports an estimated 88 billion searches with terms related to weight loss and, unfortunately, the results that come back are from a range of reliable and (mostly) unreliable sources. If you are working to shed unwanted pounds in an effort to obtain a healthier lifestyle, it’s always best to turn to a medical professional with expertise on the topic. With this in mind, Ryan Singerman, DO, PPG - Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery, has provided a series of videos dedicated to dispelling the false information so readily accessible and widely available. He is serving as a source of truth for men and women on their weight loss journeys and breaking down the bad advice, one myth at a time.  

In his seventh video, Dr. Singerman is talking about targeted workouts designed to achieve those sculpted six-pack abs.


Keep going!

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