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A special drawing for a difficult time

Last Modified: August 31, 2021

Generosity Heals


Vicki Junk-Wright, healing artist, shared this story about a recent interaction with a Parkview patient.

Today I visited a patient I had seen a few days earlier. She was a mom who had to deliver a beautiful baby boy early due to contracting COVID. She needed to be quarantined from him and is now in the hospital. Her perfect son is home with Dad, and she is not able to see him. 

I was able to see her because she is no longer a contagious COVID patient but now a recovering patient. Bringing a newborn into the hospital is not an option for this family and that leaves poor Mom alone missing her baby and family. 

I saw her a week earlier and she was so weak, I gave her art items for her boredom, and did an activity with her. During that visit she was telling me she thought she could go home soon, maybe the next day. It had been almost three weeks and her spirits were getting hopeful. The rug was pulled out from under her when her lung collapsed again and prevented her from going home. She now thinks she might have to go to rehab, and she is so sad since she just wants to get home to her new little family. 

My second visit with her turned out to be very important. She showed me a beautiful photo of her son as tears streamed down her face. I immediately knew I could help ease her empty heart. I got out my good paper and pencil and brush and started to sketch her little "Graham" from her photo. He is a beautiful baby. 

As I worked, I asked her about the qualities she hopes he will have as he grows. We talked about her thoughts and plans for the future, and she watched every stroke I made on the paper. I teased her that he will hate this drawing when he is in middle school because he doesn't have clothes on. She laughed and it was the first smile I had seen. 

When I handed her the finished drawing she exclaimed through her tears "I will not take my eyes off it, it gives me so much pleasure to look at it.” As I slipped out of her room, I knew she would carry this art with her to help her with her long journey. 

It was a beautiful day helping at the hospital. After so long away, it’s good to be back and yet I also know the severity of these times. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve through the Healing Arts program.


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