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A new midwifery model of care at Randallia

Last Modified: November 30, 2023

Women & Children


We’re excited to share an update for expecting mothers and women seeking care in Allen County. Parkview’s Certified Nurse Midwife Program has a new home in the Family Birthing Center at Parkview Hospital Randallia. While they will continue to see patients at other Parkview locations, the recent move supports a broader offering of services for those looking for more natural options for labor and delivery in the Fort Wayne area.

“Midwife literally means to be with women,” Lara Lahr, CNM, Family Birthing Center, Parkview Hospital Randallia, said. “Women are coming to us because they want more time in prenatal visits, hands-on care during labor and delivery, and a continuum of that care postpartum.”

Kelly Horn, CNM, Family Birthing Center, Parkview Hospital Randallia, emphasized the value of empowering women with their care. “The goals of our team are to come together and help women feel like they have an integral part of their baby’s delivery. That shared decision making improves maternal and newborn outcomes,” she said.

A team approach

Teamwork is a thread found throughout the Midwifery Program model of care. “We all have a foundation of nursing so we can provide that bedside compassion and support, as well as education and evidence-based skills,” Kelly said. “We collaborate with the OBs on a daily basis and have a well-rounded delivery of care in place.”

A patient might see a certain set of midwives during their prenatal visits, but have a different midwife during their delivery, so the team makes it a priority to communicate and ensure the best experience for their patients.



“We have an in-house hospitalist if an emergency presents, anesthesiologists if a mother decides she wants an epidural or needs to have a C-section, and a fully staffed OR, if needed,” Lara said. “We also have other pain management options if you want to move around, get into the tub or shower, or walk during labor, as well as a lactation consultant.”

The ability to offer tub births is an exciting aspect of the Midwifery Program model of care. “We know that water birth alleviates pain during labor and makes for a happier experience following delivery,” Lara said. The team has already utilized the service, with great results.

Supporting women through pregnancy and beyond

“As a midwife, I’m blessed to walk with women throughout multiple changes in their lives,” Kelly said. “Especially when they’re welcoming new members to their family–to watch that baby be delivered and see their dynamics change so quickly. It’s amazing. But I also feel blessed to grow with families and watch them progress over the years.”

To learn more about the services and support available through Parkview’s Certified Nurse Midwife Program, visit us here.




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