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A life-changing day

Last Modified: March 06, 2020

Generosity Heals

Life changing day

Karen Grant shopped for bake sale supplies, just as she’d done a thousand times before. However, this ordinary day and sense of familiarity came crashing down when she went into sudden cardiac arrest. Luckily, Kaylie Scribner, registered respiratory care practitioner, Parkview Health, was also at the grocery store that day and witnessed Karen’s collapse.

Without hesitation, Kaylie rushed to Karen’s side and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. They quickly transported Karen to Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC), where, after a series of tests, her care team discovered major artery blockages that required bypass surgery. A few days later, Douglas Gray, MD, PPG – Cardiovascular Surgery, performed Karen’s surgery.

During Karen’s recovery, her husband Tom, couldn’t stop thinking about what Dr. Gray and Kaylie had done to save his wife’s life. As the first anniversary of Karen’s emergency approached, Tom wanted to thank the wonderful Parkview team he knew and appreciated. He reached out to the Parkview Foundation to see what he could do to show his gratitude. It was then that Tom learned of the Guardian Angel program.

“We wanted the whole Parkview family to know how much we appreciated Kaylie’s efforts,” Tom said. “She will always have our gratitude for saving Karen’s life.”

At the request of Tom, and with the help of the Guardian Angel program, August 22, 2019, became a day that Dr. Gray and Kaylie would never forget. They were both gifted with a Guardian Angel recognition. Tom also surprised Kaylie by sponsoring a piece of artwork in her honor, in the Parkview Heart Institute.

“We were constantly impressed by the caring attitude and the genuine desire to make a patient’s stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Thanks to the talented doctors, amazing nurses, therapists, food service and housekeeping personnel, this wonderful team made a very scary experience so much more bearable,” Tom said. “Please convey our family’s thanks and gratitude. We can never thank them enough.”

To celebrate National Doctors’ Day, we invite you to honor and recognize those physicians that have made a difference in your life through the Parkview Foundations’ Doctor’s Day campaign. By honoring a doctor you are providing a gift, to the foundation of your choice, that will help a family, neighbor or friend receive the best healthcare possible. The doctor you recognize will receive a certificate, custom pin and a personal note from you.

Thank you for choosing to support your doctor and Parkview Health. Your generosity heals!

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