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A heartwarming reunion

Last Modified: May 25, 2022

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On May 11, 2020, Taylor Godfrey left a friend’s house, headed toward her home, but never arrived. After receiving several calls from concerned friends and tracking her through a location app, Taylor’s parents realized something was wrong.

Just weeks before her high school graduation, Taylor was in a severe car accident. That evening, she was airlifted by Parkview Samaritan and flown to Parkview Regional Medical Center, where she received life-saving treatment, and her world would change forever.

Not knowing if she would survive, Taylor’s parents held on to hope and leaned heavily on their faith and the compassionate caregivers who treated their daughter during her nearly six-week stay at Parkview.

Two years later, Taylor is thriving! And as she reunites with the flight crew, trauma and surgical teams, nurses, and doctors who cared for and guided her to recovery, she reminds us all to have strength and courage amid life’s most arduous journeys.

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