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Eye Exam Results

While we have made tremendous progress over the last couple of years with eye exams, there is still opportunity to have the Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) team support you with capturing results. For Epic users, use the smartphrase “.diabeticeyeexam” and for non-Epic users, please have the results faxed to “CIN Clinical Outcomes” at 260-458-5630. Please don’t hesitate to ask your provider relations specialist for more information.

We’ll share the results of our collective efforts next quarter.

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Success Story

The CIN currently has more than 600 physician members, of which, 330 have CIN scorecards. While scorecards for the remaining Parkview Physicians Group (PPG) specialties will be established this year, the PPG sections that have a CIN scorecard are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, IM Pediatrics, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Endocrinology, Cardiology and Orthopedics. In addition to PPG, Allied Pathology, DeKalb Health Medical Group, NANI, NIMA, ONE, ENT, FWNC and PEP all participate in the CIN. 

With the objective of improving quality outcomes, transitions and access by way of a high-performing network, made up of high-performing providers, the CIN establishes and monitors agreed upon quality measures. The minimum desired CIN score is 60 percent. We are excited to report that 95 percent of the CIN physicians achieved a score of 60 percent or greater. We want to take this opportunity to thank our CIN physicians and their staff for their efforts in achieving these great results.

Parkview Care Partners 2018 Scores table
Parkview Care Partners 2018 pie chart


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Diabetes Column

Enterprise Diabetes Strategy & Infrastructure

Diabetes is often the costliest condition, and one of the most difficult to manage, so we must take a different approach to diabetes management. As our efforts ramp up to learn, identify and implement programs and processes to better impact diabetes for our community, we have changed our structure for accomplishing these efforts. 

In Q1 2019, the diabetes steering committee will meet quarterly with the purpose of approving and discerning which projects will be priority. In addition, four sub-committees, reporting up through the diabetes steering team, have been established and will begin meeting soon on a monthly basis: 

  • Inpatient glycemic management
  • Ambulatory diabetes care
  • Diabetes self-management and education
  • Pre-diabetes/prevention  

These sub-committees will focus on their areas, with the purpose of creating a synergistic, high-value system of care that is patient-centered and is seamless for the patient across the continuum. Any input you have is needed and desired. Please contact Chad Shirar, Director, Diabetes Care Strategy, to share feedback or ask questions.

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Provider Relations Highlight

As noted previously, CIN physician members achieved high-quality scores over the last measurement year. Our provider relations specialists would like to highlight those providers, and their supporting office staff, who completed the year with a 90 percent or greater CIN score:

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What are the quality measure changes for 2019?

ANSWER: Most sections have changes to their quality measures. Our provider relations specialists, who can review the changes, will be reaching out in March to each physician who currently has a CIN scorecard. 

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In the Know

We want to express a sincere ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Dusman for serving six years (two terms) as the Parkview Care Partners Board Chairman. Dr. Dusman, along with the other board and committee members, have helped to grow the CIN into a 600+ group of physicians whose quality goals are aligned and who are supporting one another to become the market’s leader in the transformation from volume to value. Again, thank you Dr. Dusman for your time, energy, expertise and leadership.

With that, we would also like to thank Dr. Bond for accepting the nomination to serve as the next Parkview Care Partners Board Chairman. Dr. Bond has been an instrumental part of the success of the CIN, serving as the Quality and Process Improvement Committee (QPIC) Chairman since the inception of the CIN in 2013. We appreciate his willingness to continue to serve.

Clinically Integrated Network's Governance Structure


Thomas Bond, MD - Chair
Thomas Gutwein, MD - Sectretary
Jeffrey Brookes, MD
Thomas Curfman, MD
Raymond Dusman, MD
Michael Grabowski, MD
Alan McGee, MD
Berry Miller, MD
David Stein, MD
Mitch Stucky, MD
David Jeans
Ben Miles

Quality & Process Improvement (QPIC)

Thomas Bond, MD - Chair
Lemuel Barrido, MD
Fen-Lei Chang, MD
Harin Chhatiawala, MD
Paul Conarty, MD
James Ingram, MD
Greg Johnson, DO
Vijay Kamineni, MD
Joshua Kline, MD
Jeffrey Nickel, MD
Richard Nielsen, MD
Andrew O'Shaughnessy, MD
Jason Row, MD
Ronald Sarrazine, MD
David Stein, MD
Anusha Valluru, MD

Finance Committee

David Stein, MD - Chair
Raymond Dusman, MD
Scott Karr, MD
Jason Row, MD
Mitch Stucky, MD
Greg Johnson, DO
David Jeans

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Contact Us

If you have questions or suggestions about measures, appeals, scorecards, etc., please contact your provider relations specialist or the CIN supervisor:

Katrina Koehler, RN
Phone: 260-266-6530
Email: Katrina.Koehler@parkview.com

If you would like to join or have questions about Parkview Care Partners, please contact the CIN director:

Nicole Krouse
Phone: 260-266-3709
Email: Nicole.Krouse@parkview.com

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