Inpatient services

Parkview Behavioral Health’s inpatient treatment programs offer support to adults and youth whose mental health require short-term intervention in a supportive environment. We consistently provide excellent care – which is reflected by our consistently high customer-satisfaction scores.

Our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and mental health technicians creates a personalized treatment plan for each patient to encourage healing and recovery. Treatment plans may incorporate a variety of mental health tools, including family therapy, group interaction, therapeutic recreation, medication and other approaches. These tools, along with additional outpatient therapy and resources, help pave the road to healing and recovery when patients complete the treatment program.

Recognizing the warning signs of mental health, and knowing when to seek help, is important. Here’s what to look for:

Warning signs of mental health issues:

  • Difficulty managing daily activities
  • Significant changes in eating and sleep patterns
  • Noticeable personality changes/extreme mood swings
  • Deteriorating relationships
  • Depression, anxiety and panic disorders
  • Suicidal/homicidal thoughts

Parkview Behavioral Health’s inpatient treatment program is the next step if your loved one:

  • Displays these warning signs
  • Poses a threat to your safety
  • Poses a threat to his or her own safety
  • Has not responded to outpatient treatment
  • Has not responded to medication

Let us help

Getting help from Parkview Behavioral Health is easy. For an initial screening, call the HelpLine at 260-471-9440 or 800-284-8439, anytime 24 hours a day. Experienced specialists are available to guide you to the appropriate level of care – or resources – for your situation.