Colon Screening: One Call Referral Program

Parkview Physicians Group is committed to helping our patients improve their health and well-being. Prevention and early detection are the most important ways to protect yourself against cancer. The American­ Cancer­ Society­ recommends­ that ­adults­ age­ 50 and ­older­ (45 and ­older­ for­ African-Americans) ­ be ­tested ­for­ colon­ cancer, beginning ­at­ age­ 50 and­ every­ 10 years afterward.

If you are age 50 or older, you may qualify for an upper and lower gastrointestinal tract screening. Colon screening tests can be highly effective in detecting problems early and are ­usually­ performed­ on ­an­ outpatient basis­ under­ light­ sedation.

With ­our­ One­ Call­ Referral Program, a knowledgeable specialist will ask you a series of questions to help determine which screening is appropriate for you. The specialist will assist you with:

  • Getting easy-to-understand information on your procedure.
  • Scheduling your procedure.
  • Connecting with an experienced physician if you don’t have a current physician relationship.
  • Billing, insurance and pre-certification questions.
  • Understanding your screening results.

To speak to a One Call specialist, call 260-266-9085 (Indiana) or 419-636-4517 (Ohio).