Why did you become a doctor?

There are more than 800 physicians practicing in the Parkview Health system. They cover a broad range of specialties and expertise. They impact an impressive number of communities and populations. They represent the marriage of research and execution. They deliver resolution and comfort and hope.

They are our doctors, and today we are thrilled to celebrate each and every one of them for their dedication to healing and commitment to their patients.

We invited Iwona Podzielinkski, MD, PPG – Gynecologic Oncology, Kenneth Pennington, MD, PPG – Oncology and Infusion, Matthew Pfister, MD, PPG – Weight Management and Michele Helfgott, MD, PPG – Integrative Medicine to share their journey to becoming a caregiver. Four practitioners, four completely different paths, one shared mission. Each doctor has a story. Ask them to share theirs with you sometime. 

Happy Doctors’ Day to our phenomenal network of Parkview physicians and to doctors everywhere!

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