What is prenatal care?

Last Modified: 5/01/2018

Prenatal care is the health care you get while you are pregnant. 

Take care of yourself and your baby by:

  • Getting early prenatal care. If you know you’re pregnant, or think you might be, call your doctor to schedule a visit.
  • Getting regular prenatal care. Your doctor will schedule you for many checkups over the course of your pregnancy. Don’t miss any – they are all important.
  • Following your doctor’s advice.

Why do I need prenatal care?

  • Prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy. 
  • Babies of mothers who don’t get prenatal care are three times more likely to have a low birth weight and five times more likely to die that those born to mothers who do get care.
  • Doctors can find health – and treat – problems early when they see you regularly.
  • Doctors, nurses and birth planners can tell you things to do to give your baby a healthy start.

I think I’m pregnant, but don’t have insurance and can’t afford to go to the doctor. What should I do?

  • ​If you do not have insurance or Medicaid and you are pregnant, there is a program called Presumptive Eligibility (PE) that gives you temporary coverage if you are pregnant, while your Medicaid application is pending. The goal of PE is get you health care so you and your baby stay healthy. Ask your doctor or call (800) 889-9949 for more information. 

​I don’t have a doctor. How do I schedule an appointment to get prenatal care?

  • If you do not have a doctor, call (877) PPG-TODAY and schedule an appointment at one of our PPG – OB/GYN​ offices in Fort Wayne, Angola, Auburn, Huntington, LaGrange, Kendallville, Roanoke, Columbia City or Bryan, Ohio.

Who else can help?

  • Parkview has birth planners to help you throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Birth planners can sign you up for free prenatal classes​, answer your questions, connect you with community resources such as WIC, and make sure your car seat is safe and that your baby will have a safe place to sleep. Call (260) 672-6185 to connect with a birth planner today.


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