Welcome Back! Where did you go?

Hello again, it has been a while. Where the heck did I go?
That is an excellent question.
In previous blogs, I wrote about life's getting “in the way" of our health and wellness goals. Well, I am ashamed to say, life got in the way of this blog and, frankly, I have no other excuses. I wish I could give you an exotic tale of adventure and suspense about travel and intrigue. But alas, my life is not the stuff of novels. Late last year, my administrative load, on top of my clinical practice, got the best of me and I asked to take a short hiatus from this blog. When I look back, unfortunately, a couple of months turned into seven! I simply cannot believe that my last column was written at the end of October 2012.
What was I thinking? Prior to my untimely "sabbatical," we discussed priorities and how important it is to make time for health and wellness. I even wrote about my dear "old" mother to shame you into reprioritizing your life to make time for exercise and wellness. I should have taken a page from my own book. No matter how busy we find ourselves, we can, if we choose, find time to do the things we love. My passion is health and wellness, and I’m glad to be back at my writing desk, challenging you to (as mom said so eloquently last summer) “get up and get moving!”
So after that somewhat long, and inadequate, mea culpa, I beg your forgiveness and hope to redeem myself with regular installments of this blog. In the coming months, I am excited to reintroduce you to many of the old cast of characters, my mother included. (Oh yes, she is again going to participate in the Fort4Fitness Senior Marathon. She turns 80 on June 27, 2013, the very same day of the kickoff for the event.) We'll meet some new and exciting "wellness heroes."
Rest assured, I was not idle during my time away. I continued with my own running (completed the "Goofy Challenge" at Disney World in January) and met with people like you at multiple community wellness events that I will be writing about in the coming months. So stay tuned for what I hope is another exciting and educational ride into the realm of health and wellness. I am happy to say I am back – if you will have me – and have I got some stories to tell!
If you are looking for some "free" medical advice and a really fun walking program, join some very nice Parkview Physicians Group docs on the second Tuesday of each month, now through October, for "MD and ME: Walk 'n Learn," 5:30 p.m. at Salomon Farm Park, off Dupont Road just down from the Parkview Family YMCA (map). These fun events are sponsored by Parkview Physicians Group.
Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season.
MD and ME: Walk 'n Learn with a Doc
5:30 p.m.
Salomon Farm Park
Tuesday, July 9
Dr. Raymond Dusman – “Know Your Numbers: Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease”
PPG – Cardiology
Tuesday, Aug. 13
Dr. Michele Helfgott – “Gut Health”
PPG – Integrative Medicine
Tuesday, Sept. 10
Dr. Robert Godley – “Hypertension: What Do the Numbers Mean?”
PPG – Cardiology
Tuesday, Oct. 8
Dr. James Edlund – “Colon Health”
PPG – Colon & Rectal Surgery



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