The Real Deal - Shalon's Commitment to Small Changes

During the last several editions of this blog you have met my college age son and my seventy-something (actually almost 80 but don't tell her) mother and have learned something about my obsession with all things health, wellness and prevention.

I have tried to use realistic examples of individuals who are actually experiencing the trials and tribulations of trying to get healthy. Some could argue that these examples don’t represent the average person. My mother is retired (from raising children – did I mention my brother was a handful?) and my kids are in school with all the time in the world to exercise. They’re young, so it is easier to get into the exercise rhythm. Ok, criticism accepted.

Shalon Robinson, however, is the real deal – by any and every definition. Shalon is my scheduler in our Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology practice. It’s a complex practice and Shalon works in an real "pressure-cooker." (She deserves an award simply for working with me!) We have 23 physicians in our practice and we cover some 20 different locations and services each day. Orchestrating all this while getting our patients to the correct location boggles my mind and I live it every day! Shalon works full time in our practice and has two children of her own ages 9 and 11 (and 23 “children” at work) who demand her time and attention. Work, meals, homework, housework, parenting, family, friends, etc. Sound familiar? As I said, Shalon is the real deal, her life mirrors so many of you who are exhausted after all this activity. How in the world can you expect someone to try to exercise after all this?

Shalon realized recently that she was not in the best of health, was making poor dietary choices, was not making time for exercise and did not have the figure she wanted (a nice way to say she was overweight). Shalon decided to make a change and over the last 8 months she has lost 78 pounds!

What is this miraculous diet revolution or her double top-secret plan for her success? She made small, incremental changes. Shalon committed to daily exercise and decided to make a conscious effort to moderate her diet by decreasing portion size, choose healthier options and stop snacking. She also dropped the five cans of soda she had been drinking every day. She now exercises six days per week and I frequently see her return from a walk around the Parkview Campus (huge for those who have not visited) over her lunch time. Nothing fancy or expensive; just consistently hard work and a commitment to small changes day by day that have reaped huge benefits over time. Shalon is a true hero in our practice and is an incredible role model for her children and co-workers alike. 

So now you really don't have any excuses. If my almost 80-year-old mother, college aged children and Shalon (working mother) can do it, so can you. It begins with the first steps. If you need information on how to get started, please visit the Fort4Fitness website in the 4YourHealth section where we have compiled free resources to help you on your way.

Remember the Fort 4 Fitness event, especially the Friday, September 28 evening completion of the Kids and Senior Marathon if you need motivation.

How's Mom doing? 25 miles and counting, she still wants to beat the competition. Hope to see you there!


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