The quickest way to be a hero today

You never know when a small act will have a huge impact. Today is Blood Donor Day, and while we know many have hesitations about the process, Lindy Richman, administrative secretary, Lab, has a handful of arguments in favor of finding the nearest blood drive.

Top 5 reasons to donate blood

1. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. It’s true. Whether due to a routine surgery or an emergency situation or another health issue, the demand for donations is great. Blood can only be stored for a limited time, so repeated participation is beneficial for all.

2. Save up to 3 lives each unit donated. Between whole blood, red blood cells, plasma and platelets, your generous act has the potential to impact many.

3. Because you or your family member(s) have needed, or may need blood in the future. During the donation process, focus on a personal experience that has influenced your decision to give. When our intention is for the benefit of others, it can make difficult or uncomfortable situations go much smoother (and faster).

4. It is an easy and lifesaving way to give back to your community. Studies have shown time and time again that giving to others elicits feelings of happiness, content and purpose. Performing altruistic acts is one of the fastest ways to lift your spirits and contribute to the well-being of your neighbors.

5. You become someone’s hero! This one needs no explanation.

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