The Parkview Breast Care Team. Detection

This month, we’ll be taking a closer look at the mission of the Parkview Breast Care Team as their work relates to the prevention, treatment and recovery of breast cancer cases in our community and beyond.  

The Breast Care Team at the Parkview Cancer Institute is committed to the early detection of breast cancer. Detecting breast cancer early requires a commitment to education and screening initiatives. Through various local partnerships, we’ve broadened our commitment to screening for breast cancer. Additionally, some Parkview locations feature 3D mammograms, which provide improved images to more accurately screen for breast cancer.

The Breast Care Team at the Parkview Cancer Institute features the area’s only certified genetics counselor. Our geneticist can work with you if you have a personal or family history of breast cancer.

High Risk Clinic.
The High Risk Breast Clinic at the Parkview Cancer Institute was started by a breast health advanced practice provider (APP) who specializes in the care of women and men who are at increased risk for developing breast cancer.

The clinic provides specialized care and increased access to the resources necessary for reducing breast cancer risk and increasing early detection. The clinic will include a visit with the nurse practitioner to discuss your level of risk, education about risk reduction, and developing specific surveillance recommendations that are personalized to you and your lifestyle.

Your visit at the clinic will include:

  • A comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment
  • A clinical breast exam
  • Surveillance recommendations based on your personal risk
  • Assessment for genetic counseling and possible testing
  • Education on risk reduction strategies



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