The pachyderm’s day at Parkview

This is the story of a very special elephant.

This elephant belonged to a brave little patient at Parkview Whitley Hospital. It was clearly very loved and very treasured. One merely needed to look at its fur to see that; its worn gray coat the evidence of hours of cuddles.

So, when this very special elephant was accidentally left behind, it was evident to the team in Whitley that someone – someone now nearly 8 hours away – must be very, very sad. And certainly missing their best friend.

The site supervisor swiftly placed the very special elephant into a package and sent it on its way back home, but not before capturing all of the ways this precious little pachyderm had helped others at the hospital.


Indeed, this elephant had a very busy day!

First, he helped the EMTs with their runs.

Next, he went to the bustling ER to help the doctors and nurses.

He even helped put on a couple bandages!

And pitched in to support the Parkview Police for a bit.

At the end of the day, he generously read to some of the patients to help them go to sleep.

He is such a thoughtful elephant.


This story was made possible by Kristen Kiproff, police lieutenant/site supervisor, Parkview Whitley Hospital.  

“When I talked to the mother, who was willing to drive more than 8 hours to come and get it, it was obvious that this was one important elephant!” Kristen said. “She said that she had told her son that the elephant was helping us at the hospital for a couple of days, so I thought it would be neat to give him some proof. I told the mom that there was no need to drive all this way, and that I would put it in the mail that day. I think that it all goes back to providing excellent care to every person, every day. I always try to treat people within our hospitals, the way that I hope my family would be treated.”



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