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The other side


This post was written by Kent Green, chaplain, Parkview Chaplaincy.

Recently I was working a shift at the hospital. It was just another shift. There was, however, one difference. I had a family member that was a patient. And it was during my shift, that an emergent event took place. I, along with others, responded as we normally would, to the page we received. But this one was different. The room we were responding to, was the room my family member was in. The following writing is my thoughts of what occurred, during and following the event, and how my co-workers responded.

In your lifetime, you’ve been someone whose mission is to help others when help is needed. It’s what you’ve done and your life desire is to continue doing.

A few of the things you’ve done is had lengthy conversations with people who just wanted a listening ear. Your heart has been broken as you’ve walked with families as they’ve experienced something you hope you’ll never have to walk through with your loved ones. You’ve also rejoiced in the good times with those who received news that simply brings a smile to your face.

And then one day, something happened. You found yourself on the other side of the aisle. It was somewhat of a crisis situation. Crises come to each one of us at different times.

In this time, you and your family were well taken care of. They were prayed for, kind words were spoken to them, they were offered a cup of water or coffee, all while they sit to see what was next. After all, there can be uncertainty in these times.

Words of encouragement and support were offered, along with words of wisdom. And at the end of the day, things were much better. And just as you’ve been there for others, today, others have been there for you, with genuine, loving hearts.

Eventually, you’ll step back into your role of helping others. For today, let others do what they’ve been called to do. Because you need to.

And in this time, you watched, listened and learned from them. Blessed are you.

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