The Miller family’s miracle

Last Modified: 12/07/2022

It only takes one second to completely change your perspective. Earlier this year, John Miller experienced a severe cardiac event while exercising at his gym. When his wife, Sherri, received the call that he was being taken to the hospital, she immediately turned to her faith. Thankfully, John received life-saving intervention, initially from a fellow gym member, then the paramedics who picked him up, and eventually, from his care team at Parkview Heart Institute (PHI).

Now, recovered and enjoying every single “bonus day” he gets, John is able to reflect on the extreme peaks and valleys of his medical journey. Just ahead of Thanksgiving, he and Sherri returned to PHI to extend their immeasurable gratitude to the physicians, nurses and support staff that brought John through the worst. It was their opportunity to share stories, exchange hugs and vocalize just how much the clinicians’ efforts meant to their family. An unbelievable blessing, never to be forgotten.

John’s life was saved in part from prompt action by those on the scene. You can learn more about performing CPR and using an AED machine by visiting our YouTube channel.

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