The healthy way to wipe away makeup

November is National Healthy Skin Month, and we took the opportunity to ask two of Parkview’s finest skin professionals, Pamela Shultz, aesthetician, PPG – Dermatology, and Lauren Smead, LE, Parkview Center for Healthy Living, the proper way to remove all of those tinted powders and creams we apply to our faces every day.

“As much as you love your makeup, it doesn’t exactly love you back,” Pamela said. “The skin is a living, breathing organ that absorbs every single thing it comes into contact with.”

Lauren agreed, “Most makeup on the market today is composed of oily substances and silicones,” she said, going on to emphasize the damage that can come from falling asleep before cleansing your skin. “When these products are left sitting on the skin overnight, they can clog pores, dry out the skin, speed up the aging process and lead to more acne and blackhead breakouts. Sleeping in makeup can trap environmental pollutants and free radicals that will damage skin cells. This leads to the breakdown of collagen and premature skin aging.”

She continued, “Maintaining a skincare regimen appropriate for your skin type in the evening is essential, because it allows the pores to release sebum, that rehydrates and protects the skin from free radicals. Leaving makeup on overnight will inhibit cell turnover, a crucial process for youthful skin, resulting in a tired, dry, unhealthy complexion.”

And don’t forget the eye makeup, which, if left on, can result in general eye irritation and puffiness, eyelash breakage, sties, eyelid eczema and infection.


There are a ton of makeup removal options available on the market. Here, Lauren shares her favorites.

  • Makeup remover wipes – The easiest way to wipe off all of your makeup at the end of the day. Great for all skin types!
  • Cleansing oils – A great option for dry or sensitive skin, as it is an oil-based product sure to soothe as it melts away makeup.
  • Oil-free eye makeup removers – A gentle and necessary way to remove eye makeup in order to prevent eyelash breakage!
  • Cleansing balms – The best product to cut through full-coverage foundation without stripping the skin of its natural oils.
  • Micellar waters – A light, gentle, no-rinse formula that leaves moisturizing ingredients behind to be absorbed overnight. Especially great for oily or acne-prone skin, as they remove trapped debris from the complexion without drying. These are also a great product to apply in the summer between sunscreen applications to prevent clogged pores!
Helpful how-to

“There are many reasons why we should remove makeup before bed,” Pamela said. “Many toxic chemicals are in your makeup that can cause damage to your skin if left on for prolonged periods of time. Pores can become clogged, causing pimples, pustules and boils to form. By not removing your makeup, you are blocking any nighttime anti-aging efforts.” Here is her simple, step-by-step guide to wiping products away.

Makeup Removal in 3 Simple Steps

1. Remove eye and lip products using cotton soaked with makeup remover.

2. Wash your face in circular movements with warm water and a gentle face cleanser. Repeat if necessary.

3. Make sure to apply a moisturizer to help lock in hydration.



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