Stress, resiliency and personal renewal

With Spring officially here it’s time to get serious about that one small change for a healthier you. Remember, small changes over time make a huge difference in our overall health. Find a single small change in your diet, one you think you can sustain over the long-haul and be amazed at the long term benefits this seemingly small, inconsequential change can make in your life. 

I’d like to hear from you – what one change have you decided to make and how’s it going for you? How does daylight saving time affect your ability to get out in the evenings after work?

Remember, it doesn't matter what particular activity you do, it is important that we simply get out and move! Walk, run, bike or dance – if you are moving, it counts!

If you’re still looking for motivation and ideas for your "exercise groove," check out the web site and click on the 4YourHealth icon for suggestions for an activity that best fits your needs and lifestyle. 

Or, if your one change has more to do with diet, and you need advice on the nutrition front, visit the 4YourHealth web site where we have links more free information than anyone can digest.

Ok, so let’s say you have the exercise thing down and your nutrition would make the most persnickety dietitian green with envy. But you are so stressed out you have a hard time making it through the day without “exploding.”

We have stress management advice for you as well. As part of the One Year, One Healthy Change program we offer monthly Learning to Change Mini-Educational Seminars,  7-8 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month through June at the Allen County Public Library, 900 Library Plaza, Room A.

These sessions are free of charge and packed full of incredibly useful information to assist you on your way back to health.

On Tuesday April 3 we are fortunate to have Dr. David Johnson, PhD, as our guest. He is a professor of nursing at St. Francis University and director of the employee assistance program at Parkview Health. He will offer sound advice on "Stress, Resiliency and Personal Renewal." I invite and encourage you to attend this very entertaining and educational session. Even if you think you are the most mellow person in existence I believe you will come away from David's presentation with the tools necessary to approach our stressed out world with new a new vigor and outlook.

I encourage you to keep up the great work. It is hard to create lifestyle changes in our very busy and hectic schedules. So often, "life simply gets in the way." Keep that commitment to a single small change, use all the resources offered through this program and come years’ end we will celebrate a healthier and happier you.



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