Story 1: I am an imposter

Last Modified: 8/30/2019

Patrick Riecke, director, Chaplaincy & Volunteer Services, introduces a new video series.

We all tell ourselves stories.

I tell myself stories. In most of these stories, I am the main character. Sometimes the plot includes me being selfish or a failure. Other times I am smarter than everyone else.

But there is a common theme in these stories.

They are not 100% true.

I’m not totally selfish, and I am also not smarter than everyone else.

But the blatant falsehood of these stories does not decrease their potency. Just because I know I am not really a total failure that everyone should be ashamed of does not mean this false story has no power.

If you listen to other people talk long enough, you learn what stories they tell themselves, what they believe about themselves and about the world around them.

In fact, if you listen to me and think about what I am saying, you will very quickly have insight about me that I may not even have about myself.

In this series of videos, we tell five of these stories. We expose their lies. And we experience the truth.

Please enjoy this series from Parkview Health, “Stories We Tell Ourselves”.

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