Spreading the word about Francine’s Friends

Last Modified: 1/03/2019

Motivated by convenience, Tamyra Kelly stepped onto the Francine’s Friends mobile mammography coach for a routine screening. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, she is now on a mission to spread the word about this life-saving service.

How would you describe your health before visiting the Francine’s Friends coach?

My health was good. I was eating right (I cheated a little here and there), and was working out three times a week.

How did you happen to utilize Francine’s Friends services?

Francine's Friends visits my employer on an annual basis. Since it's only 50 yards from my office door, it was extremely convenient versus actually driving to my doctor’s office.

What was the coach experience like for you?

My experience was excellent! My only surprise was that the unit had everything a doctor’s office would have in terms of equipment, nurses, etc.

What were your results?

Within a day or so, they contacted me to visit the Breast Diagnostic Center for additional testing. They tried to make me feel as comfortable as they possibly could, considering the circumstances.

You were diagnosed with cancer and have since gone into remission. What is your health like today?

My health is good. I'm on the journey of attempting to eat right and beginning to work out again. I still have the numbness and tingling in my toes and fingers from the chemo treatments, but for the most part I feel fine.

How do you feel about Francine’s Friends now?

This service is extremely important. It's cost-efficient, convenient and confidential.

What would you tell others considering visiting the coach?

Since my experience, I’ve made it my business to promote Francine’s Friends. The coach saved my life, because I'm certain if the unit was not scheduled that day for my building I probably would not have gone to the doctor. I’m so thankful!

You can learn more and see where Francine’s Friends will be showing up next on parkview.com.


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