Spotlight on Parkview’s supply chain distribution techs

Last Modified: 10/03/2022


The first week of October is National Health Care Supply Chain Week, and we couldn’t let the occasion slip by without acknowledging the tremendous SCORe teams who keep Parkview’s frontline workers stocked up and supported. Joe Pauken, manager, site distribution, Parkview Hospital and Parkview Behavioral Health, Supply Chain Operational Resources eNovation, answered some of our questions about these invaluable co-workers and the processes that keep the health system running.

What does SCORe stand for?

SCORe stands for Supply Chain Operational Resources eNovation. This creative title highlights supply chain operations, with an emphasis on “eNovation,” reflecting how our team infuses technology and innovation into the supply chain process.

There are different groups in SCORe, but for these questions, I’m specifically highlighting the on-site SCORe logistics team. This encompasses the on-site distribution techs, who interact the most with our co-workers, vendors and patients.

What is the SCORe distribution tech’s primary role in the health system?

Their primary role is to process all supply orders and packages received from our vendors and deliver them in a cost-effective and strategic way to our co-workers across Parkview Health.  Our team is very mobile and visible throughout our hospitals, which provides an opportunity to interact and assist our co-workers, visitors and patients, whom we might pass along the way.

What are some of the tasks SCORe distribution techs are responsible for? 

We have different distribution tech roles, each with their own specialty, focus and responsibility. This includes processing packages for shipping/receiving, picking and packing supplies needed for surgical cases, distributing supplies to all clinical areas throughout our Point-of-Use (POU) supply chain management platform, inventorying and processing specialty procedure carts that are used for bedside medical procedures, and fielding real-time supply requests from our clinical teammates caring for patients in the hospital.

How were our SCORe distribution techs impacted during the pandemic? 

The role was designed to be flexible, in order to accommodate and support an ever-changing healthcare industry. Throughout the COVID pandemic, the healthcare industry, like others, was plagued with supply chain interruptions (backorders). We can all think of ways supply chain issues have affected us individually, mostly in grocery and big box stores. Products like toilet paper, peanut butter, computer chips, etc. were challenging to get. In comparison, a healthcare supply chain interruption, if not proactively managed, could have life-threatening consequences for our patients and community.

SCORe has proactively navigated hundreds of backorders, which has added an exceptional amount of complexity to an already difficult situation. The SCORe distribution tech’s role, partnering with SCORe administration, clinicians, caregivers and leadership teams, has been more important than ever to ensure delivery of uninterrupted care to our patients.

How did the team adjust during the challenges of the pandemic? 

Throughout the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the SCORe distribution techs, along with SCORe leadership, have increased their collaboration with clinical peers to ensure the supply being delivered matches the current need. Supply utilization changes frequently in normal times, based on the latest and greatest best practices. This increased exponentially in the middle of the pandemic, and particularly in the beginning, came with a lot of unknowns. All workflows and processes bring opportunities for improvement. If any good can be said of this challenging time, flexibility and collaboration between support teams and clinical teams has increased, leading to improved efficiency and better processes and workflows.

What makes a great SCORe distribution tech?

The key to delivering world-class customer service as a SCORe distribution tech begins with a servant attitude. This role, along with other Parkview support service roles, comes with a solid understanding of the importance of the position within the health system. Flexibility and patience are also necessary characteristics, along with the ability to collaborate and communicate with clinicians, caregivers and peers.

What would you say to the SCORe team in recognition of their hard work over the past few years?

I am incredibly proud to work with such a wonderful group of people, who are passionate about the role they play at Parkview. SCORe distribution techs are at the heart of the hospital, supporting clinicians and co-workers, who are in turn able to care for patients in our community. These teams have embraced a true feeling of teamwork, and never skip a beat. They tackle all supply needs and challenges head-on, every day, and each teammate crosses over their typical roles to ensure the hospital continues to be fully supported. 

These hard-working folks create an incredible team of supply chain professionals, who work daily to improve collaboration and workflow processes in support of our clinical peers, and ultimately the patient. I cannot begin to fully express my heartfelt gratitude for the SCORe distribution techs I have been blessed to work with throughout this incredibly difficult time. I continue looking forward to what our teams can and will accomplish together.

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