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The American Nurses Association declared 2017 the Year of the Health Nurse, and challenged nurses across the nation to be advocates of well-being by taking care of not only their patients, but themselves as well. As part of the initiative, Samantha Tiede, RN, nurse leader, Neurology, Trauma, Ortho Patient Care, Parkview Regional Medical Center, submitted a video to the ANA about the importance of sleep and was selected as a winner! Below, she illustrates her committment to better quality sleep and encourages her colleagues to join her. 

"Since creating the video I have definitely been more conscious of my sleep and the role it plays in both my professional and personal life. It is so vital that nurses take steps to care for themselves in whatever ways they need to make themselves healthier individuals. We are a group that naturally seeks to care for others before ourselves and sometimes that can really cause a negative spiral in terms of our personal well-being," Samantha said. "When I created this video for ANA's contest, I knew at that time that as a night shift worker the quality of my sleep and rest was not up to par. While I still struggle at times, I feel that the changes I have made based on the suggestions in my video have put me on a better track to improve my sleep. By making these small changes, I have definitely noticed a change in my level of energy, overall mood, and ability to focus — things I know have positively impacted my interactions with patients and co-workers alike! All in all, I hope my video helps my fellow nurses consider ways in which they can improve their own health and quality of life, whether through better rest or other lifestyle changes."

For more self-care suggestions, Jill Zahm, MSN, AHN-BC, holistic nurse, nurse navigator, Parkview Center for Healthy Living, encourages NURSES to remember these simple tips: 

Nourishment — Remember to keep your body properly fueled throughout the day. Choose foods high in nutrients that will keep you full longer, and be sure to drink enough water.

Understanding — Never stop learning. Take time to discover new things and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Rest and Relaxation — Make sure that you are getting enough quality sleep. Allow yourself to take naps when you need them, and try winding down with relaxing fragrances or music.

Spirituality — Incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine. If you enjoy being outside in nature, try this walking meditation from Dr. Dave.

Exercise — Simple exercises are great for relieving stress, and for physical well-being. 

Socialize — Make sure to spend time with the people that you love. Grab lunch with a friend or call a family member you haven't spoken to in a while. Allow yourself to relax and have some fun.

Looking for another way to promote well-being among nurses? Join the ANA's virtual 5k as a part of their National Nurses Week celebration!

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