Slow. Stop. Stay.

Last Modified: 8/15/2019

As students across our region prepare to return to school in the coming days, a new campaign is kicking off in our community. In a strong display of unity for an incredibly important cause, East Allen County Schools, Fort Wayne Community Schools, Northwest Allen County Schools, Southwest Allen County Schools, the Allen County School Safety Commission, the Fort Wayne Police Department, the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana State Police, the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and Parkview Health Trauma Services, are coming together to improve student and bus safety with a focus on education.

Each day in Allen County, nearly 200 school bus stop-arm violations occur. This has been a critical issue in Allen County for many years, and the problem was elevated state-wide last year when three children were killed in Rochester while attempting to cross a road to board their school bus.

The Slow. Stop. Stay. campaign reminds drivers to:

Slow down when yellow lights are flashing

Stop when red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended, and

Stay put until the lights stop flashing and children are out of the way

“There is nothing so important that drivers can’t take a moment to stop for children trying to get to school,” FWCS Superintendent Dr. Wendy Robinson said. “Every time a driver fails to stop for a stopped school bus, they are putting children’s lives at risk.”

Lisa Hollister, MSN, RN, director, Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Parkview Health, added, "We believe that injury is no accident and 100% preventable. Parkview Trauma Centers supports Slow. Stop. Stay. We want children to be safe at the bus stop and for parents to feel their kids are safe.”


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