Seven cool mobile apps for your health

Did you get a new smartphone or tablet device over the holidays? I bet you have more ideas in mind for that phone’s use beyond just making phone calls.

Now you can do just about anything from your mobile phone – text, tweet, shop, banking, even keep track of your health! It's pretty amazing what technology and innovation have made possible. Here are a few great health-related mobile apps that I think you might find useful. Remember, no piece of technology can replace the sound advice of a physician who knows you well or can ask just the right questions based on your history. But these apps can answer a lot of your questions and make you smarter and better-prepared for the time you do get with your physician.

WebMD – This app is like having a doctor in your pocket. You can look up your symptoms to see what health problem you might have. You can find various diseases to learn more about them. You can research medications and their uses, side effects, and interactions. It is also a first aid reference. What a handy app!

WebMD Baby – This is the baby version from WebMD. It sends you content that is relevant to your baby's age on a regular basis. You can track growth, feeding, sleeping, diapers, etc. You can include photos and turn it into a baby book, and you can even share your baby's info on Facebook or other social media. Clever.

Calorie Counter/MyNetDiary – This really cool app helps you plan how to get from where you are to your goal weight via diet and exercise. You can track your calorie intake by entering the food you eat  each day (it has a pretty extensive pick list, or you can add your own). You can also track your calorie expenditure by entering your activity/exercise. It tells whether you are on target to hit your goal weight, and it provides a nutritional analysis of your diet.

Glucose Buddy – With this app, you can enter your sugars (as well as carbs, insulin dosage and activities) then sync and track all your diabetic data online.

Pedometer Free – This nifty pedometer tracks your steps, counts them, maps them, calculates speed and distance, and even estimates the calories burned!

Map My Run and Run Keeper – These apps are both for runners. They use GPS to track your runs so you can store, compare and share them over time. Both apps, including Map My Ride, for cyclists, actually gives you verbal updates on your time, distance and average speed every 5 minutes during your workout. Amazing.

What apps for iPhone or Android have you found particularly helpful for your family's health? Please share your favorite health-related apps with us!

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