Rx safety during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her body becomes a source of shelter, nourishment, and preservation. Every substance a mother consumes is also consumed by their developing little one. Certain foods, beverages and medications can be hazardous to a delicate fetus, so education on what’s safe and what isn’t, is essential. Kelly Horn, MSN, CNM, Parkview Physicians Group – OBGYN, talks to us about over-the-counter and prescription medications, and what every expecting parent needs to know.

It’s extremely important mothers know the risks of medication administration or consumption during pregnancy because certain types of medications at certain times in gestation can hinder a baby’s proper development.

Each trimester has critical points for development and during those times, if certain medications are taken, there can be an increased risk of negatively impacting the fetus. It is what we call a teratogen effect, a term sometimes used to describe an agent, such as a medication, that can produce structural or functional abnormalities in a developing baby.

Kelly offers this helpful list for quick reference.



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