Proud to Bleed Green: Lisa

Last Modified: 11/02/2022

Lisa Koons is the lead sleep technologist in the Sleep Disorders Lab at Parkview Hospital Randallia. She has been part of the Parkview family for 11 years.

As a sleep technologist or polysomnographer, Lisa spends her days (and nights) performing in-lab sleep studies for patients suffering from sleep disorders. During a typical study, a sleep technologist will use digital equipment to monitor a person’s sleep activity, movement, heart rate, breathing patterns and brain waves.

Most people understand that sleep is fundamental to overall health. But when you don’t get enough or have poor sleep quality, it can affect your mental, physical and emotional well-being, placing you at an increased risk for high blood pressure, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest.

Knowing the vital role sleep plays in a person’s life, Lisa takes great pride in her work. She enjoys helping patients get a better night’s rest and take steps toward regaining their health. “The best part of my job is feeling like I’ve played a part in someone’s life when they get diagnosed with a sleep disorder,” Lisa said. “It’s really great to hear patients tell us how much better they feel.”

Lisa is proud to work for an organization that puts people and the community first. “You’re not just a number here,” she beamed. “You are a person, and Parkview really takes that to heart.”

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