Preparing for baby with our birth planners

Your pregnancy and labor experience should be as unique as your little arrival. The Parkview Health team of birth planners is here to support parents, no matter what type of circumstances they’re experiencing. From the first meeting, our goal is to help families feel comfortable, as prepared for their delivery as possible, and satisfied with answers to all of their questions. Brandi Acosta, BSN, RN, birth planner and prenatal education supervisor, Parkview Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Parkview Regional Medical Center, tells us just what a meeting with the birth planner means for moms- and dads-to-be.  

What to expect when meeting with a birth planner

  • A tour of the Family Birthing Center, including a labor room, tub room and postpartum room.
  • A closer look at the welcoming, open environment.
  • Information about the prenatal classes and assistance signing up.
  • Assistance with preadmission registration.
  • A discussion and form with personal preferences and options for labor and birth, including: coping techniques, epidural, baby care, progression labor, monitoring, pushing, hydration, birth, and Cesarean delivery.
  • Review a checklist of things to have done before your baby comes.

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