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Plan to thrive in 2018

Last Modified: 6/08/2018

One could argue that 2017 was a trying year for our country. We faced natural disasters, unthinkable acts of violence, and perhaps our own personal struggles. Most of us were ready for a fresh start and a clean slate. There’s just something about the possibility of starting over with more focus and a fresh perspective. To help make the coming months as marvelous as possible, John Drake, DO, is offering you the tools to thrive in 2018. Here he provides a handful of areas for you to focus on and some bullet points for how to drill down into each.

In order to thrive in your life, there are 5 self-care decisions you need to make:

1. Reduce stress
  • Stop watching the news. Read a book instead
  • Put things that “stress” you out into proper perspective
  • Get away from any “toxic” people around you
  • Manage your finances better
  • Exercise regularly
  • Go on a nature walk
  • See a movie by yourself or with a friend
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Yoga, meditation           

Avoid alcohol, smoking and overeating

2. Medical health
  • Get your annual physicals and screenings
  • Request testing for any conditions you suspect you might have
  • Address hypertension
  • Address your current weight and make a plan to achieve a healthy BMI
  • Assess medications  
  • Quit smoking!
3. Physical fitness
We are in an obesity epidemic as much as an opioid epidemic.
  • Exercise regularly (at least 3X/week)
    Regular exercise promotes bone health, natural endorphin release, burns fat, strengthens muscles, tones the body. It helps with weight control, diabetes and hypertension
  • Try cycling, walking, running, weight lifting, cardio and spinning. There are so many ways to stay fit and live longer
  • Assess your diet. Look at carbs, fats and protein and avoid fast food. Add in more vegetables and organic foods.
4. Financial state
  • Assess your total debts vs income
  • Start a savings plan and set 10% aside into savings when possible
  • Don’t spend more than you earn
  • Make plans for retirement
  • Plan for vacations way ahead of time and stick to what you can afford
  • Be critical of and wise about big purchases
  • Utilize store coupons, discount websites, etc.
5. Get help
  • Sometimes you can’t do it alone
  • Get a personal trainer if you want help with your personal fitness, a dietitian if you want to start eating better, etc.
  • Make a plan for your future, including your career and education
  • Think about what’s keeping you from your goals and make a plan to work past it
6 Steps to Making Big Change Possible

1. Identify and write down something that you really want. Be very clear.

2. Write down as many reasons as you can about why you want it, what it will do for you and how it will change your life.

3. Take massive action today! Do something today to make it happen.

4. Identify what the consequences are of not attaining the result you want. Feel the disappointment or pain of not succeeding.

5. A few weeks after you set the goal, check in with yourself and your results. If you haven’t made progress, change your approach.

6. When you are successful, celebrate. (Not with food or alcohol.)

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