Parkview partners with RespectTeam to promote values

A local group is on a mission to reinstate respect as the default response for youth in our community. Parkview is a corporate sponsor, partnering with RespectTeam to encourage strong values through discussion and education in our neighborhood schools.
The program

The RespectTeam is a local non-profit organization that speaks to middle school and high school students in Allen, Whitley, Noble and Dekalb county public, private and parochial schools about the importance of self-respect and respect of others. They also host empowerment sessions for adults so that they can serve as a resource to students and their families.

“I love this program,” Sue Ehinger, Chief Experience Officer, Parkview Health, said. “At a time where we see significant bullying and a disrespect for each other, this team comes in and works miracles.”

Curtis Smith, Director of Community Outreach and emcee for the program agrees. “I think the lessons they teach are very valuable and, as Sue mentioned, very counter-culture for many young people today,” he said. “Respect for others seems to have been lost as social media has become more and more pervasive, so it is refreshing to see it being instilled in the lives of teenagers in our area.”

In addition to a monetary sponsorship, Parkview team member Morgan England, healthy living school program coach, is also part of the “boots on the ground” group teaching the children.

“We began our pilot program with the added stress component in January 2017,” Morgan said. “We provide an additional day to their 3-day respect curriculum, covering stress in the area high schools.”



Parkview Health connected with the RespectTeam in 2016 through a special aspect of the program called the 360AWARDS. This event is an opportunity to honor local high school students who are making a positive difference in their home, school and community. Nominated students receive a crystal award, courtesy of Indiana Signworks, jewelry from Stephen Shannon Jewelers, and recognition at a catered dinner held at the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation. Five of the nominated students are given $1,000 scholarships, courtesy of Parkview Health. 

"The RespectTeam believes that when we invest in building healthy, respectful teenagers, they grow into healthy, respectful adults and in turn create a healthy, respectful community." Amy Hanna, Director of the RespectTeam, said. “We are thankful that Parkview understands this vision and is willing to support it.”

The team is currently accepting nominations for the 360AWARDS. “A good candidate is a student who is using respect and showing respect, living with purpose and helping others find their purpose, as well as being a strong leader,” Morgan said. 


To nominate yourself or a deserving student, or to register to attend the 360Awards, visit by June 1.

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