Parkview Mom models: Where are they now?

These adorable little faces originally appeared on your television screens and around town more than two years ago. We couldn't resist the opportunity to find out what these tremendous toddlers are up to today, and share some brand new snapshots of their sweet smiles. 

Mom: Brittany Hertig
Baby: Olivia

Nickname: Olivs

First word: "daddy"

Favorite foods: tuna casserole

Cutest habit: Dancing and making up songs

New discoveries: She can write her name and count to 50

Sweetest thing about the last two years: Enjoying motherhood and seeing how excited she is to become a big sister


Mom: Kirsten Saldivar
Baby: Quinn
Big Sister: Sloan

Nickname: Quinny

First word: "mama"

Favorite foods: Everything!

Cutest habit: Bossing her older siblings around 

New discoveries: Climbing everything

Sweetest thing about the last two years: Watching her five older sisters love on her


Mom: Kayla Karns
Baby: Rhemington Grace

Nickname: Rhemy

First word: "mama"

Favorite foods: peanut butter sandwiches

Cutest habit: Being a mommy to her baby sister

New discoveries: Counting to 5

Sweetest thing about the last two years: Watching her grow and interact with her siblings


Mom: Vanessa Evans
Baby: Adelaide

Nicknames: Pork Chop, A

First word: "daddy"

Favorite foods: chocolate chip cookies, Brussels sprouts

Cutest habit: Finding tractors

New discoveries: Jumping, pull-up diapers, playing in the snow

Sweetest thing about the last two years: Having a new baby brother, chasing and tickling each other, building furniture with daddy


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