One Year, One Healthy Change. Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome to my new blog! With any New Year comes the mandatory resolutions. Mine, of course is to create this blog that will, I hope, offer useful tips to help others finally be successful in actually keeping their resolutions. I suspect that many if not most New Year resolutions involve getting healthier: losing that extra 10 (or 50) pounds, eating healthier and exercising more. We all have the best of intentions with the dawn of a new year, but somehow life gets in the way while our hopes and dreams for a better healthier you must wait for yet another year. Well, stick around and hold me accountable to my resolution while I try to offer some advice that can help you achieve your goals for 2012.

Fort 4 Fitness is a non-profit organization best known for it's wildly successful half marathon (13.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), 4 mile, along with a Kids and Senior marathon event each fall. Lesser known is the organizations commitment to the year round-health of our community with the development of "4 Your Health," a program that creates and offers, at no cost, health and wellness tips for all ages. Our wellness committee includes extremely talented and passionate individuals who have created a "one stop shopping" site for all that is health and wellness in Northern Indiana. Simply navigate to the and click on the 4 Your Health icon to begin the new you.

This year, our wellness committee is rolling out a new program titled: "One Year, One Healthy Change," hence the title of this blog. Our goal is to have each citizen of Fort Wayne and  surrounding communities commit to making their community healthier and to empower those who do commit to be successful in their personal quest at a healthier life. We believe that small changes over time make a huge difference in our overall health. While many of the fad diets and exercise programs work in the short term, they rarely are sustainable over time resulting in yo-yo weight loss and rehashing that same old New Year's resolution year after year. Wouldn't it be nice to find a new New Year's resolution because you finally achieved your goal this year?One Year, One Healthy Change

One Year, One Healthy ChangeThis year, through One Year, One Healthy Change, our goal is to empower each of you to be successful in achieving one or more of these five goals:
          1. Eat healthy meals and snacks
          2. Become physically active most days of the week
          3. Manage your weight
          4. Live tobacco free
          5. Balance stress in your life

Stick around as we suggest ways that you can finally achieve these goals this year and reach for a new New Year's resolution next year.

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