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Nice lists to help you conquer holiday stress

Last Modified: 5/22/2018

Every year we promise ourselves we’re going to get ahead of the game. We’re going to wrap as we buy things and shop early and beat the crowds. But then, for a lot of us, as the doors on the advent calendar open, these aspirations start to fade and give way to full-blown holiday stress.  The final days in December are a frantic rush for last-minute presents, dashing to the frenzied store for forgotten ingredients and late night wrap sessions. It can really deflate the holiday spirit.

According to McKenna Gottfried, BSN, RN, well-being nurse navigator, the Parkview Center for Healthy Living, a good plan and a bit of festive focus can make a huge difference. “We often think that multi-tasking will deliver productivity, but if you’re anything like me, I usually end up wondering where my day went, what I accomplished and whether I followed through 100 percent,” she said. “Avoid these feelings of uncertainty by focusing on one task, and one task only. Begin your day by taking a few minutes to jot down and prioritize everything you need to achieve. Organize your to-do list in an effective way so you can work through obligations as efficiently as possible. The sense of accomplishment when checking off your list is real!”

With this seasonal strategy in mind, we designed two cheery options for organizing your yuletide tasks.

Download our holiday Shopping list

Download our holiday To Do list

Want an even greater sense of satisfaction?
Put some self-care items on your lists. You’ll feel just as good when you check off “Watch It’s a Wonderful Life with family” as you will “Mop kitchen floor”. You’ve been good this year. You deserve it. 

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