My Parkview internship: Nick

This post was written by Nick Snow, project & contract analyst, Parkview Health Supply Chain.

I grew up in Fort Wayne, and always admired Parkview Health. One of my college requirements was to complete an internship. I came across the Parkview Summer Internship program in the career section on Parkview’s website.

I completed my 10-week internship with SCORe (Supply Chain) in the summer of 2017. I had an exceptional experience. My leaders were very engaging and assigned tasks that actually added value to the department. I was given the freedom to visit other departments and work on projects that aligned with my goals for the program. I went into the internship knowing very little about supply chain, but the staff welcomed me and I was able to learn from everyone in the office. At the end of the internship, I walked away with an overall view of how supply chain operates within Parkview Health and practical experience that helped me make the decision to continue with that department.

Transitioning to full-time

When I graduated from college in May 2018, SCORe had an opening on their team and offered me a position. As an intern, I was required to submit an application online, participate in the interview process, and go through New Hire Orientation. When I applied for the full-time position, I repeated the same process. I found it helpful that the pre-hire process for interns was identical to the pre-hire process for regular employees.

During my internship, I felt valued. I was given tasks that were similar to the work that I do now. I was able to familiarize myself with the people, processes and technology used in supply chain, which made the transition so easy.

If you are considering an internship with Parkview Health, I would certainly recommend it. I was able to network with many different people, and my leaders ensured that I was completing tasks and projects that I found fulfilling. I encourage anyone who is interested to pursue an opportunity at Parkview, even if you aren’t certain what you want to do after graduation. I would have never anticipated working in supply chain before. Now I’m starting my career on a path where I’m constantly meeting people and learning something new every day!


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