Making the Rounds: Skin Care and Aging

November is Healthy Skin Month and a perfect prompt to take inventory of your current care routine. Are you protecting your skin from sun damage? Are you using the right products? Dara Spearman, MD, PPG – Premier Dermatology & Skin Care, walks us through some general rules for maintaining your healthiest skin throughout the decades.


20s and 30s.
When you’re younger and working to prevent signs of aging, it’s a good time to start using daily broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage and a daily moisturizer. You could start a retinoid to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles and even out pigmentation as well. Retinoid is also helpful to treat acne and improve sun damage. For an added measure, you could certainly start applying an antioxidant in your 30s.

40 and 50s.
You definitely want to be using sunscreen daily in your 40s, as well as a retinoid and antioxidant. A hyaluronic acid can give plumping to skin and restore collagen. You should also incorporate peels to start turning skin over and keep it in good shape.

These would also be the decades we might look at more invasive things, like laser treatment. In our office, we have lasers to treat brown and red spots that often occur after years of sun exposure. We also have laser treatments to address those fine lines and deeper wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The laser stimulates collagen growth and tightens skin to lend a more youthful appearance.

We also have injectables available for patients who are interested in this approach. We have three different neurotoxins (Botox® is the most popular brand), used to paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles. We can also use fillers for lips, around the mouth and hands, depending on the patient’s preference.

Skin care for all ages.
At any decade, you can look into adding pigment, fade creams or bleaching agents to help even out skin tone. Things like facials and masks can give temporary improvements. Masks are often used to temporarily decrease swelling or redness after a procedure, but the treatment won’t offer any long-term solutions.

No smoking! I tell everyone that smoking is the fastest way to increase evidence of aging. Not to mention, all of the other health concerns attached to the habit.

Also, sleep is hugely important to keep skin in its best shape. A lack of rest, vitamins or a healthy diet are always the first things I address when talking to a patient about aging and their skin. You have to take care of yourself from the inside out.


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