Make your goals stick in the new year

In April, we shared information about My Best Health, a new program for those seeking personalized support for their well-being journey. As we enter prime goal-setting season, we asked Taylor Yoder, supervisor, The Parkview Center for Healthy Living, to share more about My Best Health and how the community can utilize this service for success.  

Why is this the perfect time to explore My Best Health?

People love to make new year resolutions, but we find that some people are very successful with their goals for a short period of time while others never even really start. Very few people have long term success with their resolutions. My Best Health will be great for those who really want to make lasting change.

How does My Best Health work?

My Best Health is tied into goal setting and accountability. Our wellness coaches and other professionals are trained to help participants set SMART goals, which really help with long term success, and they provide accountability to participants. Setting SMART goals, finding your “why”, and accountability really attribute to a person’s success. My Best Health is unique because it is a lifestyle health behavior change program that is individualized to each participant. This is so important because everyone is at a different point in their health and well-being journey. This program is tailored to each participant’s individual goals. It also requires a long-term commitment, as it’s 6 months in duration.

What should I expect from the program?

Participants will meet with four professionals throughout the program: the registered nurse, wellness coach, registered dietitian and personal trainer. The registered nurse reviews and educates the participant on their blood work results, answers any clinical questions regarding existing medical conditions and monitors their progress. The health coach provides an overview of the program, helps the participant define the vision of their ultimate healthy self, establishes monthly and weekly goals, and identifies potential barriers and strategies to overcome them. The registered dietitian discusses weight and dieting history with the participant, reviews serving sizes and food choices, and teaches methods to improve nutrition through food choices. The personal trainer performs body composition analysis and creates an individualized weekly exercise prescription while tailoring personal training sessions to each individual. Participants are also offered monthly support group sessions where they can learn from others in the program. Participants are also offered group fitness classes at their area location.

What should I do if I’m interested in My Best Health?

Applications will be accepted until January 5, and are available at your local Center for Healthy Living or at Contact Taylor Yoder at or (260) 347-8126 with any questions.


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