Ladies, love your hearts

compendium_600x400_ladiesloveyourhearts_2_16.jpg PreviewOn February 18, hundreds of women of every age will gather at the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation for two tremendous events focused on cardiovascular wellness, the Her Heart Lunch and Learn and the Love Your Heart Expo. Guests will enjoy free or discounted screenings, various female-focused health learning centers, fabulous food and impactful presentations from Parkview physicians.

We asked Mark O’Shaughnessy, MD, Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology, who will present “Her Heart Through the Decades,” to share his thoughts on the event.

Why is it so important women attend.  

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women and the vast majority of cardiovascular events (heart attack and stroke) are preventable. Prevention starts with awareness. The Love Your Heart and Her Heart events are intended to raise awareness of this incredibly important issue and begin the process of prevention.”

Biggest misconception.

“The biggest misconception is that heart disease is mostly a male problem and only older women get heart disease as a natural process of aging. Heart disease is an equal opportunity disease effecting men and women equally at all ages. Many women believe that their No. 1 killer is breast cancer when, in reality, 1 in every 7 will die from breast cancer while 1 in every 2 will die from heart disease.

Most important piece of advice.

Know your numbers. One cannot be an active participant in the management of their health and prevention if they are unaware of their individual risk factors. These events will inform attendees of risk factors and ways to mitigate the risks.”

The ultimate goal.

“To put myself out of a job! I cannot do this alone and it begins with the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The goal of Love Your Heart and Her Heart is to create awareness of the issue and develop strategies for prevention and to ultimately put me out of business. I will be a successful physician if I can say we made that happen.”

Reserve your spot for the Love Your Heart Expo online or call 844-897-0369 to RSVP to Her Heart Lunch and Learn.  

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