Job profile: Surgical technologist


Name: April Hesson

Position: Surgical Technologist

The journey

I was a medic in the military, and I always knew that when I was finished I wanted to do something in the medical field. I was searching medical jobs and stumbled upon surgical technologist. The rest is history.

I was lucky enough to get a position at Parkview. I have to say it was the best decision I have made. It’s been almost six years, and I love it here.

Why I love it

The joy of working in surgery is that you really never know what your day is going to be like.  Of course, the most rewarding part of my job is helping patients. I also love that I work with so many amazing people in surgery.

I would tell someone considering this career that they have to love surgery. It takes a special kind of person to work in this environment. You have to know how to work with a bunch of different personalities and how to keep your calm. This job is constantly changing, whether it is a new procedure, doctor or supplies. You will constantly be learning.

Being a surgical technologist, we often see patients when they are at their worst, in pain, unsure of what is going on. We are the last people they see before going under anesthesia. We are an advocate for our patients, and their safety is always our first priority.

Name: Kandi Quick

Position: Surgical Technologist

The journey

My career as a surgical technologist started at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia (now Atlanta Medical Center). I was part of the trauma team. At the time, I didn't know what I was getting into, but I soon learned.

We were a teaching hospital with medical students, residents and fellows. There was certainly a lot of anticipation associated with not knowing what would be coming through the doors. I cannot count how many times the helicopter would land and they would bring the patient directly to the operating room (OR).

When it came time for a change, choosing Parkview was easy. Several years ago, I moved back to Indiana. At that time, I worked at Parkview Hospital Randallia on the Orthopedic/Neurology team. After about five years, I missed the Georgia sunshine, so I returned to Atlanta where I worked at Emory University on the heart team. After another five years, I decided to be a traveling surgical tech. I went several hospitals, eventually landing at Methodist Hospital in Memphis.

After 9/11, I knew I wanted to be closer to my family, so I decided to return to Indiana and Parkview. My Dad was a patient at Parkview, battling severe coronary disease. Dad always received excellent care, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that level of service. My career has taken me to many different hospitals and cities, but Parkview is home.

Why I love it

I work 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., three days a week. I am not a morning person, so this shift works very well for me. When I come in to work, I am usually lunch relief for my co-workers (who are morning people). There are several of us who work different shifts.

There are so many unique aspects to this job, it is hard to articulate what I love most about it. Passing instruments to and assisting the surgeon during a procedure sounds easy, but there is so much more to the job than that. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing I am treating our patients with respect and providing exceptional care.

When someone asks me about my career, I always tell them it can be the best job and the worst job, all in the same day. If the diagnosis for the patient is not going to have a good outcome it affects everyone in the room. When the patient outcome is good and they will be recovering as expected, that lightens the mood in the room.

I love what I do. Being a surgical technologist is not just a job to me. My goal is to make our patients feel safe and comfortable.


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