Inside the Parkview Education Center: Epic training

This content was provided by Matt Holycross, Epic training manager, Parkview Human Resources.

The Parkview Epic training team has 5 classrooms at the Parkview Education Center, each equipped with as many as 32 workstations that allow for hands-on training and practice. The team also has 2-3 conference rooms available for one-on-one or small group training opportunities.

The team is responsible for a majority of Parkview’s Epic New Hire Training. Epic is the medical software Parkview uses to house all patient records and clinical documentation. They train all new clinical staff on Parkview’s instance of the Epic Electronical Medical Record system (EMR).

Any staff providing patient care, including all nurses and physicians, attend an Epic Training class. The team also provides training for staff that provide revenue cycle services, such as scheduling, registration, billing and coding. Last year, the team held 1,500 classes, with more than 6,000 attendees, and will likely exceed those numbers this year.

Classes include a combination of lecture, hands-on training and practice. In addition to standard training, the team also works with staff on customization and ancillary products such as Fluency Direct Voice Recognition Dictation.

The Parkview Education Center is also home to Epic Training for many of Parkview’s Community Connect clients. The classrooms are also utilized for other non-Epic Computer Lab needs for the organization.

The Parkview Education Center provides an ideal training environment for Epic. The classrooms allow our trainers to easily move around the room and address the needs of our trainees. Having this dedicated space also allows for staff to be able to focus on the content, so that they can feel confident in using the tools needed to provide world class care and service.

Epic and the documentation within it, transform patient charting into a complete story of care for each individual. The information in Epic follows our patients from office to office, during and after a hospital stay, and to almost any service provided by the health system.

Epic training sets the foundation and core knowledge for utilizing our EMR, and provides the tools to help customize Epic, to allow our caregivers opportunities for efficiency. As Parkview continues to grow, and we grow our services and care for the community, we are transforming our training team and resources at the Parkview Education Center to meet the needs of the organization.


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