Hounds who round

When it comes to healing, medicine can only take a patient so far. An unexpected dose of joy can often be the magical serum the spirit needs to encourage recovery and spark restoration. And few things fuel happiness quite like the kind eyes and unassuming grin of a four-legged, friendly visitor.

It’s a phenomenon the volunteers with The Three Rivers Visiting Dogs group have seen time and time again. The presence of their pets has had an impact on countless people, including patients, their loved ones and the Parkview staff. To get a taste of their influence, all one needs to do is walk down the hall with them and watch the cascade of smiles as they pass. There’s just something about a pup with a badge.

Ask any of the dog owners and they’ll all tell you the program isn’t about them – they just hold the leash – it’s about the animals. They’re the stars of the show.

We sat down with two of the volunteers, Bob Bergeron and Diana Kuebler, to hear more about their program, their animals and the power of visiting dogs.



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