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Holly's Holiday Helper series

Last Modified: 12/23/2019

Holly's Holiday Helper Elf

Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 1

With Christmas approaching, (Just six days away!)
Little Holly required a hospital stay.
Missing the fun, she felt sad for herself,
One thing was clear: This girl needed an elf.

As you follow her story, we think you’ll be impressed, 
To see the magic that happens as the hospital rests.
So gather the children, things are going to get clever.
Let’s all watch the work of Holly’s holiday helper.

Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 2

A patient room doesn’t have quite the same cheer,
As a festive family home has this time of year.
But with gloves and depressors and a few cotton balls,
There’s still time and potential to deck the hospital halls.


Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 3

She played well with others, and made the nice list,
But because she’s not home, Holly’s scared she’ll be missed.
Thankfully, Santa’s helpers can handle the swap.
They know just what she’s wanting (and just where to shop).

Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 4

Cut out, frosted and well worth the wait,
There’s nothing like sugar cookies, stacked on a plate.
Just when it looks like Santa won’t get his treats,
A new baker steps in, and the ending is sweet.  


Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 5

Holly is missing her four-legged friend,
As she spends this time resting, and still on the mend.
With a dazzling new collar and a few well-placed biscuits,
Our elf is sprucing somebody up for a holiday visit.


Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 6

Holly’s loved Lucy since she was just three.
They’ve had countless tea parties and climbed dozens of trees.
So when she disappears from the hospital bed,
Her elf knows he’s got a long night ahead. 


Holly's Holiday Helper, Pt. 7

We’re surrounded by miracles, some big and some small.
But what Holly learned this year, is that most of all, 
You never know what Santa has up his sleeve.
If you hold onto hope, make a wish and believe.


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