Grounding backgrounds

The November ParkviewGO challenge is simple but powerful: Think positively. Your mind can make or break your forward momentum and greatly impact the decisions and direction of your day. We recognize that with so many frustrating obstacles in the road, the path to positivity isn’t always a clear one. That’s why we’re sharing these sightly desktop reminders to serve as a gentle hand to guide you back to the optimistic side of the street. Download your favorite and make it your background today. 

Think Happy Thoughts - Download

go_600_wallpaper_thinkhappy_11_15.jpg Preview

Turn Your Can'ts Into Cans - Download

go_600_wallpaper_turncantscansanddreamsplans_11_15.jpg Preview

A Head Full of Fears- Download

go_600_wallpaper_headoffearsnospacefordreams_11_15.jpg Preview

Talk About Your Blessings - Download

go_600_wallpaper_talkaboutblessingsmorethanburdens_11_15.jpg Preview

Positive Thoughts Only - Download

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