Go inside the Vein Clinic at Woodland Plaza

Last Modified: 4/22/2021

Patients experiencing venous disease now have a new location to receive expert treatment. The Vein Clinic at Parkview Woodland Plaza is a subspecialty clinic of the Parkview Heart Institute focused on delivering convenient, coordinated care in a comfortable setting.

The clinic is under the medical direction of David Sowden, MD, PPG – Cardiovascular Surgery, with support from Amber Glessner, NP, PPG – Cardiovascular Surgery, two vascular technicians, a medical assistant and a receptionist.

The team offers treatment for venous disease, including venous insufficiency, venous reflux disease (otherwise known as varicose veins), open venous ulcers, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), lymphedema and chronic leg swelling.

Patients can self-refer if they are experiencing varicosities, leg pain, heaviness or swelling, or any other concerns, or they can go through their primary care provider.

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