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Giving guidance

Last Modified: 5/22/2018

compendium_600x600_wellbeingnursenavigators_9_15.jpg PreviewAmong the multitude of resources available through our healthcare system, many of which we hope to highlight and share here, some of our favorites are the people. One such example, the Parkview well-being nurse navigators, is the team of personal advocates who can educate, guide and encourage you on your journey toward enhanced health and wellness. Think of them as an entry point for the community of Parkview specialists, services and support available to you as you work through a difficult setback or pursue a positive change.

The goal of these team members is incredibly invaluable. They strive to: improve, or maintain, your current level of well-being, recognize potential barriers to achieving well-being, set and help you accomplish your health and well-being goals, and/or identify the best personal approach to well-being for you.

Examples of when to call a nurse navigator:

  • I was recently diagnosed with a condition or disease and don’t know what to do next. The nurse navigator will assess the diagnosis and refer to service line programs and/or community resources.
  • I want to quit smoking. How I can get help?
  • I just received my lab values and do not understand what they mean. A nurse navigator will review them, educate and recommend next action items.
  • I want to embark on a weight loss or wellness journey. What resources are available?

These are just a handful of opportunities where a nurse navigator would be beneficial. If you are interested in learning more, call to schedule a free one-on-one appointment at (260) 672-6500.


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