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Last Modified: 4/30/2021


Offering flexibility to nurses is important for any health system. Erin LaCross, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CENP, Senior Vice President of Nursing Development, Parkview Health, and Jeff Rice, Director Talent Acquisition, discuss the ways that Parkview provides each nurse with the support and flexibility needed so that they can provide the excellent care to every patient every day.

Why is it important to offer flexibility to nurses?

Flexibility is an important factor that nurses are looking for today when choosing where to practice. Most people are continuously pursuing the balance of a rewarding career with a fulfilling personal life. This in turn equates to better overall outcomes for them, as well as patients. That is why at Parkview, we are always creating new ways to support our nurses. We are excited to offer the new Parkview Travel RN program as yet another option for flexibility.

How important is it to ensure our nurses have work-life balance?

It’s important to recognize that each person’s vision of work-life balance may be different. For some people, it may be important to work a lot to save up for a house, car or a wedding. For others, being able to work around a school schedule may be important for a few years. And for others, it may be important to find a different type of work in the last few years before retirement to spend time with grandkids. Whatever season of life a nurse is in, it’s important for us to support him or her. If we can provide each nurse with the very best support possible, we know he or she can provide the excellent care to every patient every day.

What is the Parkview Travel RN program?

This program is one way that Parkview is working to meet the needs of those nurses that need flexibility in their career for themselves and their family. The program offers assignments lasting from three to nine months. Flexible scheduling, housing assistance and competitive pay are also benefits of the program. The Parkview Travel RN program provides the variety of learning experiences that nurses find with traditional travel RN companies, but with the ultimate benefit of being a Parkview nurse.

Why is travel nursing so popular?

Travel nursing is popular for many reasons, including flexible schedules, competitive pay and time off that aligns with individuals’ goals. Nurses who enjoy travel nursing share that they like the variety of working in different locations, meeting new people and learning new skills. They often report adapting well to change and consider themselves quick learners. We are excited to offer these types of opportunities for nurses seeking them, right here in Northeast Indiana across our Parkview Health locations.

What other programs does Parkview offer for nurses looking for flexibility?

The Parkview RN Hotel program gives nurses an opportunity to work for Parkview while deciding if relocation to Northeast Indiana is right for them. Parkview provides two or three nights per week in a hotel for nurses traveling more than 50 miles from their Parkview work location.

What are the benefits of this program for nurses who are not ready or are unable to relocate?

Many nurses around the region have heard of Parkview, but packing up and moving is a big commitment. Taking advantage of our offer to provide lodging for up to two years allows nurses a chance to become part of the Parkview nursing family and to be part of this culture that is unlike any other, without committing to a move up-front. This time period gives nurses plenty of opportunity to evaluate options for permanent relocation, without rushing. We want all aspects of transitioning to nursing practice at Parkview to be pleasant experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about either of these programs, email, call 260-266-7263 or text “Parkview” to 97211.

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