Embracing the unexpected: Madison's story

Last Modified: 9/07/2021

Madison Schultis was a senior in high school, embarking on one of the most significant years of her life. As an avid swimmer and tennis player, she was no stranger to sore muscles. However, as time went on, her shoulder discomfort progressed to pain, hindering her daily life. Longing to get back on track, she decided to schedule an appointment to have her shoulder evaluated. That’s when Madison was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as osteosarcoma.

Looking back, Madison expressed warmth and gratitude toward everyone involved in her care, thanking Christopher Johnson, DO, Parkview Cancer Institute, and her entire care team for all the love and support they provided her. But, despite her rare bone cancer diagnosis, Madison chose to focus on positivity throughout her journey rather than letting the unexpected derail her plans for a memorable senior year.

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